Fighting Applications


Internal Arts fighting is very rare here in the U.S. Tai Chi is often thought to be slow, only meditative and for elderly people. Internal Arts movements are sometimes slow for deeper understandings, but also are sometimes very fast and quick. The martial aspect has always been a part of  Internal Arts historically, but often are not included nowadays.

The Dao Principles apply everywhere in all realms of life, and so also to fighting. How can your fighting or self defense improve with  Internal Arts? As you begin to move with more “whole body, integrated movements”, you can discover more power and speed with less effort. Many people with “external” martial arts experience realize that they are sacrificing their bodies for winning. As they age, they lose their ability to rely on muscle, speed , and external force. Internal Arts offer more efficient motion, “smarter fighting”,  physics vs. brute force, and the extreme

fighting2sensitivity to changes that comes from inside out throughout all body systems. Also the clarity and calmness of mind lets you see opportunities otherwise clouded by anxiety or fear. No matter what age, you can become more agile, quick, strong, efficient, and insightful through our Internal Arts Programs. If you are practicing external forms and fighting, our programs will help you improve any style by “putting the insides into it” for

fightin3more power and sensitivity. Internal blockages in the circulation, nervous system, and mind sets can inhibit your progress in the martial arts. Internal arts clears these blockages for optimal performance.

Relaxation is emphasized to match your circulation and nervous system with your movement for more powerthan tightness and  stressed resistance can provide. As you relax more, you can feel more connections and find power lines from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet! 
When your whole body and mind find natural, more efficient  motions, you will transcend force and violence both in your own body/mind system ,and in interactions with others. In this way, fighting becomes learning and both fighters mutually benefit from

fighting4studying applications.  “In the west, two people fight, one wins, the other loses. In the east, two people fight, for the one, heaven is victorious, for the other, heaven has yielded.” Really we fight to study  Nature and handle more stressful situations with less force and violence.

Our Bagua program provides the highest levels of fighting beyond techniques and “applications” to natural whirling movements. Utilizing circles, spirals, double helix physics, and precise geometry, you can learn the natural flow of the whole fighting5body/mind. The same movements that provide power and speed, also heal, balance, and strengthen your internal condition.

Many people benefit from starting with our Tai Chi program as an essential core to all other movements. The Tai Chi two-element balancing is “inside” the Bagua  eight-element balancing. The Tai Chi program provides clear, simple access to the Bagua. Of course, motivated students can do both together for maximum benefit.