Ba gua offers an alternative way to see, perceive, and experience your reality.  It was clear to me after my first Bagua class that if I continued with this practice that my way of being in the world would change, even down to the simple way that I walk.  It is as much a mental practice as it is physical, clearing your mind and helping you change from the inside out.

— Boe Roberts, PsTherapist


As a massage therapist for the last six years, the Dao Practice has been essential to the longevity and effectiveness of my therapeutic bodywork. In the Dao Practice, we learn to move with our whole body aligned and connected. Through the movement I experience balance and strength that contributes to the quality of my overall lifestyle and professional career.

— Julianna Santillanes, Massage Therapist


Ba Gua is a fascinating practice that has become increasingly challenging and personally revealing.  Understanding the efficiency of movement through a structured focus on body mechanics and the physics of movement has improved my own movement, as well as my understanding of pathological movement in my practice.

— Dr. Shane Cummins, MD


After two years of practice I noticed the persistent pain in my back, shoulders, knees, neck and stomach disappearing. After four years I have come to rely on standing each morning to shake lingering stiffness and invite a calm mind. My balance, flexibility, and coordination have improved beyond anything I ever imagined. It’s had drastic effect on my skiing, muscle tone, and headaches. My peace of mind is so much greater. I want to share my Internal Arts experience with everybody!

— Kari Sherman, Environmental Specialists, Professional Ski Instructor, Retired College Cyclist and Olympic Style Weightlifter