Coordinate your whole body and mind for super agility, energy, and endurance. Refine your coordination throughout your body to integrate all the parts to function optimally together as a whole. This will give you the best health, strengthening, agility, and clarity of mind.

Go inside yourself for Internal awareness of stress, blockages, and imbalances in order to clear and balance for natural, coordinated movements. Go beyond forced, contrived movements to natural, super efficient, integrated, powerful movements.

Relax, Balance, and Coordinate for optimal health, strength and agility, and clarity of mind!

Relax to clear blockages and discover the natural physics and geometry of efficient movements. Discover the ultimate power lines, the most balanced circulation, stronger immunity, and smoother, more sensitive nervous system for your health and well being. Balance and coordinate from inside out! Start your awareness of Internal Connections with natural, circular SAMSUNGmovements that free blockages, energize, and increase power and awareness.

If you’re looking for a health practice beyond machines and forced exercise, come return to natural principles and basic fundamental physics of balance and movement. Work with only your relaxing body and calming mind.

  • No machines or special gear
  • No forced exercise
  • Practice natural movement and whole body coordination
  • Study Internal ways to energize your body and sharpen your mind
  • Study Classic texts of Dao practice with weekly discussion
  • Achieve optimal health and wellness quickly